The Once and Future Witches

Cover for The Once and Future Witches with floral background
Alix E. Harrow
Dec 15, 2021

“Witchcraft isn’t one thing but many things, all the ways and words women have found to wreak their wills on the world.”

“A witch is just a woman who wants too much”.

The Once and Future Witches is a deftly told historical feminist fantasy novel about three sister witches who help bring witching back into the world. The story unfolds alongside the late 1800s suffragette movement, and the women's movement soon turns into the witch's movement as the ways of witching slowly spread through town, and women reclaim the power they lost to time.

The novel is rich with historical details but also has a unique, vibrant fantasy world woven from fairytales and witch tales of old. I found the setting easily visualized, and it was easy to escape into the world Harrow draws with her radiant and lyrical prose. The novel is well-paced with three-dimensional characters that grow with the reader, and I wouldn't hesitate to read another book by this author.

Verdict: A magical love letter to feminism and girl power. I am woman, hear me roar. 



Reviewed by Library Staff