Oktoberfest Cookbook

Julia Skowronek
Jan 18, 2016

To me Oktoberfest means great traditional German food and lots of beer. My family celebrates every year, so when I saw this cookbook, Oktoberfest Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the World's Greatest Beer Festival, I had to take a look. I was not disappointed!

Each region probably has their own favorites, but author Julia Skowronek has "gathered together the tastiest, most popular, and most traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest recipes." At the beginning she includes the history of how Bavarian Oktoberfest originated. For five days they celebrated the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig, later King Ludwig I of Bavaria. The information she includes within the sections were also quite interesting, and each recipe includes a great picture and brief information about the recipe. Some of the recipes are very unusual to me, but might not be to another. And if anyone is planning to visit this Oktoberfest Fair, she has included a handy-dandy phrase guide.

Reviewed by Library Staff