Oceans of Possibilities Youth Poetry Contest Winner

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Aug 10, 2022

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that the winners to our summer contest writing on the theme of Oceans of Possibility. Our 15-19 year old winner is entitled, "The Perfect Underwater Seascape" by Naomi Adachie

The Perfect Underwater Seascape

Here, down under in the ocean blue

a little fish is looking for a view.

One most pleasing to the fish king,

for one can’t give him just anything.


You see, today is the king’s birthday

and he’s been asking for a scenic display.

The king himself asked the fish,

to grant him this very wish.


The fish starts his journey,

stumbling upon an area so ferny.

The fish says, “Green is the king’s favorite color,

but maybe he’d prefer something more multicolor.”


The little fish swims with determination,

in searching for the right location.

He pauses in front of a coral reef,

the beauty makes him sigh of relief.


Despite all those occupying the reef, this place would be ideal,

as the bright purples and reds make the place feel surreal.

However, the little fish says, “this reef is too busy

and would simply make the king feel dizzy.”


The little fish swims past an abandoned shipwreck.

Curious, he swims towards the deck.

The fish senses he’s swimming into an unknown.

Perhaps the king would enjoy this zone.


“Excuse me!” the fish calls out.

With no response, the fish begins to doubt.

“It is evident that no one likes this place,

for no one would gather in this space.”


The little fish swims away frustrated

and annoyed he may not finish the job he was designated.

The little fish couldn’t stop worrying,

that he didn’t realize that all the other fish were scurrying.


The other fish were scurrying as all fish do,

one cried, “Swim away, he’s coming for you!”

“Who?” asked the scared little fish.

Another screamed, “The big cat fish!”


The little fish joined the others in swimming away.

He swam so fast he didnt notice he had gone astray.

The fish looked around and found,

what looked like branches stuck in the ground.


The fish had found mangrove trees.

The sight put the little fish at ease.

For not only were there trees there,

but little corals were everywhere.


This place had everything the king would want,

bright colors, greens, and a fishy restaurant.

The fish was so happy that he finally succeeded,

in finding the perfect place the king needed.


When the king arrived he was also happy,

when asking the fish he knew he wouldn’t be unhappy.

The king fish gleefully swims round and round,

and says to the little fish, “I love this place you found.”

Reviewed by Dave C.
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