Oceans of Possibilities Youth Poetry Contest Winner

Summer Reading

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Aug 10, 2022

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that the winners to our summer contest writing on the theme of Oceans of Possibility. Our 11 and under winner is a piece entitled, "Atlantis" by Liesel Kirchhofer.


A foggy mist disappears,
Unveiling a realm full of statues with three pegged spears,
And in the center of it all,
Raised on a platform so high and tall,
Is a gigantic busy, city enter,
Fit to house an emperor,
Supported by columns,
At the very bottom,

Of The ocean filled with so many fish,
It's a person's greatest wish,
To live in a place so amazing and yet,
It is not only guarded by a lock and a key,
But is hidden in the depths of the 7 seas,

With a big town filled with merpeople and sharks,
That has shops, and houses, and even parks,
With tunnels cascading all over the place,
To get the townsfolk anywhere in the big, crowded space,
With Greek architecture on all of the buildings,
Even the doctor's office that heals jellyfish stings,

Small bubbles of air float up to the surface of the ocean,
But down below, there’s much more commotion,
Civilians hurry to complete there chores,
Finishing shopping and exiting stores,

These people look strange with blue gills and teal fins,
Their faces mystifying with no chins and weird grins,
They have no legs, just long, scaly, tails,
Walking pets on leashes, fish, frogs, and snails,

This land is quite different from ours,
Where coral replaces bushes and seahorses replace cars,

And seashells lay scattered all over the place,
Made into bowls, plates, and even lace,
I pick a few up and put them in my pocket,
I think they will make a pretty cool locket,

Aaahhhh! Suddenly I awake gasping for air,
The pool lifeguard leans over me with a relieved stare,
She says “ Oh, kid I thought we lost you there!”,

I still don’t quite understand what’s going on,
One minute I was in Atlantis and now I’m laying on a pool side lawn,
But from what I can tell,
When I was in the pool I couldn’t propel,
Myself enough to stay afloat,
And I got a lot of water in my throat,
So I started to drowned and became unconscious,
Then I began to dream of Atlantis,

Or at least that’s what I thought,
Until I felt in my pocket and found what I brought,
Three shells of orange, red, and pink,
So now, I’m very unsure why to think, What actually happened I’ll never know,
Or if I ever visited the sea city below,
But for now I’ll just believe what my eyes showed me,
An amazing world under the sea.

Reviewed by Dave C.
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