Not Dead Enough: a Cal Claxton Oregon Mystery

Warren C. Easley
Jul 26, 2016

Back in the 50’s many of the rivers that salmon swam up were dammed to create cheap energy for the surrounding communities. The Indian villages were against changing the countryside and they also used salmon fishing as a way of making a living. The Dalles Dam is now 50 years old with a commemoration during the month that Cal Claxton moves to Oregon.

Cal Claxton, a retired Lawyer from the Prosecutors office in Los Angeles, has retired to Oregon. Cal blames himself and his fast track lifestyle for the suicide of his wife and he’s now trying to recover from the loss. His small pension, plus whatever he can make hanging out his shingle in Portland allows him to live on his farm with Archie, his large puppy.

Claire, Cal’s daughter, has made him promise to find a hobby. Fly-fishing is an enjoyable way to fulfill the promise, and has been very cathartic. The friendship of Philip Lone Deer, a professional tracker and teacher, is an added benefit. They fish together whenever Philips schedule allows.

Philip’s cousin, Winona Cloud, ask Cal to work on a cold case, and since he isn’t busy he decides to investigate it. When the first person Cal goes to interview ends up dead, shot by a sniper, Cal knows the case isn’t as cold as he’s been told.

I enjoyed this book and am going to read more in this series. Not Dead Enough is the 4th in the series so far and fine to read as a standalone.

The first in the series is titled Matters of Doubt, a good read anytime of the year.


Reviewed by Library Staff