The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian

Nov 19, 2011

Chip Linton’s life and the lives of his wife and twin daughters changed forever when – through no fault of his own - the plane he was piloting crashed into Lake Champlain.   Thirty-nine on board lost their lives.  The Linton’s relocated to a rambling Victorian house in northern New Hampshire.  Chip, suffering from depression and PTSD, retired from working and spent his days fixing up the family home.  He finds a door in the basement fastened shut with thirty-nine bolts – a coincidence he cannot get out of his mind.  Meanwhile Chip’s wife Emily and 10-year-old daughters are “adopted” by neighboring women who are self-proclaimed herbalists.  Others in the village avoid these women, but their friendship seems crucial to the Linton’s at this time.  Are the women mad?  Is Chip mad?  His girls witness him talking to a person or persons they cannot see.  Readers who enjoy a good ghost story and a little suspense will enjoy this book.

Reviewed by Library Staff