That Night

Chevy Stevens
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Sep 29, 2014

High school seniors Tony and Ryan had a plan for after graduation.  They were going to get jobs and an apartment and live together—Toni to get away from her mom who favored her younger sister, and Ryan to leave behind his alcoholic and abusive father.  It all seemed so simple.  But that's not what happened.  Senior year the "mean girls" clique started harassing Toni, just to be mean.  Then, unbelievably, Toni's little sister, Nicole, starts hanging out with the clique and harassing Toni too.  Nicole has also changed a lot since starting high school; she's gotten secretive, and sullen, although she still manages to be Mom's favorite who can do no wrong.

One night, shortly before graduation, Toni and Ryan head out to the lake.  At the last minute Nicole asks to go along.  Trying to be nice, Toni agrees.  When Nicole is found face down in the lake, beaten to death, Toni and Ryan are the obvious suspects.  It doesn't help that the "mean girls" all testify against them.  Instead of moving in together, Toni and Ryan are both found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

That Night begins when those 15 years have passed. Toni and Ryan are both out on parole and back in their hometown.  While they've been ordered to have no contact, Ryan wants to try to prove their innocence.  At first Toni resists.  She just wants to get on with her life and leave the past in the past. But, as Toni struggles with life outside of prison and re-entering society as a felon, she comes to realize that she will never be able to settle in until the truth is revealed.

That Night is very realistically written with raw emotions.  Don't miss this and other titles by Chevy Stevens. 


Reviewed by Lisa J.
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