Mystic Warriors by Rosanne Bittner

Apr 22, 2011

          In Mystic Warriors, the third of the Mystic Indian series, the sacred white buffalo robe has been stolen from the Lakota people.  Buffalo Dreamer, a holy woman, knows that much misery will befall them from such a loss, but even she wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

          As the white man advances deeper and deeper into Indian territory to settle and to hunt the buffalo for sport, the Lakota become more and more defensive.  Promises of food and clothing are made while cavalry descend on peaceful camps to kill with no regard for innocent women and children.  Rising Eagle, Buffalo Dreamer’s husband, along with others like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse whose names are forever etched in Native American hearts, set out to right the wrongs, and take back their lands and their culture.  These men are Mystic Warriors, one and all, and they will not give up.

          I just can’t say enough about this series.  They are a must for anyone wanting to get an up close and personal look at the Native American of the 1800’s.  Although it isn’t necessary to have read the previous two works, Mystic Dreamers and Mystic Visions, I highly recommend doing so before reading this last in the series.  I wouldn’t ordinarily suggest such a thing, but I can say with all honesty that if you’ll read this trilogy in the order they were written, your reading experience will be enormously heightened.  This final work in the Mystic Indian series takes the emotional investment you’ve made thus far and gives you a payoff you won’t soon forget.

Written by Margaret O.


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