My Boyfriends’ Dogs (DVD)

Aug 2, 2017

My Boyfriends’ Dogs begins with Bailey Daley running through the rain in a wedding dress. She’s drenched and has three dogs in tow. Hoping to get out of the rain she ducks into a diner, where she meets the restaurant owners, Louis and Nikki. She then spends the evening explaining to them how she acquired each pup.

Adam, a typically charming golden retriever; Eve, a shih tzu; and Shirley, a dalmatian, are special. Each has been adopted from an ex-boyfriend and each mirrors the man who had owned them.

With a new job teaching high school literature, and new dream home, Bailey has been looking for Mr. Right to share it all with. Despite each failed relationship, Bailey hopes to find the loyalty, love, and stable companionship in a man that she finds in her ex-boyfriends’ dogs.

Overall, a fun and entertaining movie.

Reviewed by Library Staff