Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

Apr 13, 2009

Fall 1152

David Petersen has created a nice piece of work in Mouse Guard. He's written a solid, straightforward adventure drama and illustrated it with some of the most beautiful comics artwork I've ever seen. Mouse Guard is about a quasi-Medieval society of mice who live in mouse-made cities and towns, spread out across "the Territories." Under threat from bad weather and natural predators, the areas outside the cities and towns are patrolled by the Mouse Guard, cloaked & armed protectors of mousekind. The six chapters of Fall 1152 tell a fast-paced story of four members of the Mouse Guard uncovering conspiracy and rebellion in the Territories.

While the mice are somewhat anthropomorphic--walking upright, using their front paws as hands, building and using tools--they're never portrayed as overly cute or winsome Disney-esque characters. These are tough, gritty, passionate mice, and the story is full of desperate fights and adult emotions. I can't wait for the next collection, Winter 1152, which is planned to come out this summer.

Reviewed by Josh N.
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