Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff

Jun 22, 2011

Wilhelmina Sunshine Upton—Willie, to her friends—needs a break from her Alaskan archeology dig. Everyone finding out that you've been having an affair with a married professor will do that. Off she goes, pregnant, back home to Templeton, New York, and her once-hippie mother, Vivienne. Once there, Vivienne drops a bombshell: Willie is not the child of one of three possible candidates from a free-love commune. But rather a notable pillar of the community and descendent of the town's founder. Because Vivienne refuses to divulge the name, Willie goes on a hunt to determine exactly who her father is. Also, there might be a prehistoric monster in the lake. Monsters of Templeton is a blend of history and fantasy with a ghostly touch of the supernatural. I liked this book and enjoyed each character I met along the way. Ezekiel the former homecoming king who developed a beer belly, Clarissa, Willie's best friend who gets along better with Vivienne and all Willie's ancestors with their own stories.

Reviewed by Library Staff