Mister Miracle

Tom King
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Apr 9, 2020

I came into this with no previous knowledge of the character, his context, or his setting, so I'm sure there are some layers of the story I missed. Nevertheless, I found it fascinating and entertaining.

Here is a mighty god caught in an epic war between good and evil in another reality, who also happens to have a life as an escape artist and superhero in our world. And a life away from work as a man with a wife and an apartment. Add to that his past as the son of the ruling god of goodness but traded as an infant to the ruling god of darkness as part of a peace treaty, and he has a pretty confusing existence. The book starts with his attempted suicide. His wife, Big Barda, nurses him back into life and they end up starting a new adventure as first-time parents. All while juggling his responsibilities in the war, what with his birth father dying and an empty throne to fight over and such. At one point we have him and Barda trading duties, alternating a day as a general leading armies into battle with a day at home on earth with the new baby, always exhausted and never sure which days are more demanding.

That's merely a middle chapter of the saga, yet indicative of the entire tale. Despite his godly nature and responsibilities, the hardest thing Mister Miracle might ever have to do is find meaning and happiness in mundane existence. Excellent writing and illustrations from cover to cover.          

Reviewed by Chris K.
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