Midnight On the Mississippi

Mary Ellis
Sep 23, 2015

Nicki Price has just arrived in the Big Easy with her newly minted private detective's license and the desire to get to work right away, hopefully with her cousin Nate Price who has his own detective agency. Nicki plans to use her investigative skills to not only help Nate and make some money but to solve her father's murder from years ago. Nate tries to put Nicki off but she won't be deterred and follows Nate to a client meeting and manages to insinuate herself into the investigation of a recent murder.

Hunter Galen has a big problem. His business partner and friend has been found murdered and he seems to be the main suspect. Hunter calls his good friend, Nate, who just happens to be a private detective, to help him prove his innocence. When Nate's cousin Nicki shares her ideas for the investigation Hunter is willing to give her a chance much to Nate's chagrin. However, Nicki and her fresh ideas and attitude intrigue Hunter and he insists that Nate give Nicki an opportunity to prove herself. When Nate gets arrested and loses his private detective license it's all on Nicki to solve the murder.

Will Nicki be successful in proving that Hunter is innocent? Though numerous road blocks are thrown in her path including a snooty girlfriend, money laundering, blackmail, fraud, the good ol' boys club and a threat to her own life Nicki, with Nate's help, perseveres. To find out if Nicki is successful check out Midnight On the Mississippi, book one in the Secrets of the South series.  


Reviewed by Lisa J.
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