Micro by Michael Crichton

Jun 4, 2012

Yet another great science fiction thriller by Michael Crichton was published posthumously, completed by science and fiction writer Richard Preston.  It tells the story of a group of promising Ivy League science students, who are lured into working for a mysterious pharmacological company, and who suddenly end up abandoned in a rain forest of Hawaii.  They survive and find their way back only thanks to their knowledge of science and survival skills. The book contains plenty of suspense and great use of hard science. This fast read techno thriller will keep the reader who enjoys this genre on the edge of their seat till the very last line.

The book was a technically realistic set up accompanied by a plausible narrative. The  multilayer message could be deciphered as warning against technology that could be threatening and dangerous if misused. Crichton could also be warning us against humanity’s loss of touch with the natural world. Crichton may be encouraging dialog about the need for  policy guidance in the fields of science and technology, and possibly the danger of seeking only pure profit instead of the good of the people and the advancement of the human race.

Written by Magda B.