Me Before You

JoJo Moyes
Jun 29, 2016

I really wasn’t expecting to like this book, but there I sat, reading page after page, anxious to find out what happens next. It has a bit of a Bridget Jones likeness. Louisa Clark is in her mid-twenties and still floundering through life, living with her quirky parents, comparing herself to her intellectually superior sister, and in a long term relationship that seems to be going nowhere.  She also has an unconventional sense of style. However, she is happy and optimistic which are valuable qualities needed to assist Will Traynor, a young, wealthy quadriplegic who wishes to end his life.

Although Me Before You is full of humor and is lighthearted, it also explores a controversial subject matter – physician assisted suicide. I have compassion for Will Traynor who pines for a life he once had and is tired of living in pain and discomfort and I sympathize with Will’s mother who desperately wants her son to find joy in life again and choose to live. Louisa tries to bring some merriment into Will’s life and I was rooting for her. The sequel, After You, has been added to my reading list!

Reviewed by Library Staff