MadMan by Michael Allred

Sep 23, 2010

Frank Einstein is the costumed character, Madman. He was brought back to life by mad-scientists and now has trouble remembering who he is and struggles deciphering fantasy from reality. By the first few panels we’re introduced to his existential crisis quickly followed by an attempt on his life by some thugs. Over the course of the book Madman will encounter love, more thugs, mad scientists, a beheading, a psychedelic alien and the circus.

Pulling inspiration from Pop Art, pulp fiction and Surrealism husband-and-wife team writer/designer/artist Mike and colorist Laura Allred create the world of Madman. This first volume starts with gray washes and blacks and as Madman progresses vivid color is introduced. This rich primary colored world is really what makes the comic work for me and makes me want to spend more time with Madman and his adventures.

Reviewed by Brian O.
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