Mad Max Fury Road

George Miller
Feb 27, 2016

I've been sitting on this review for months, unable to express my feelings for this movie. I watched all of the originals, I remember when Max was a cop, I know who runs Bartertown, and I was incredibly leery of rebooting an old property like that. Except this isn't a reboot. It's just a story in the mythology of a man named Max in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And it is, start to finish, incredible.

I'm into words. Language is my thing, not images, and yet this movie, with what probably amounts to six pages of dialogue, tells an incredible story with sparse words and lush images. It also contains some of the most amazing, over-the-top action scenes. Seriously, there's a man playing a guitar that shoots flames. Just for that, I'd probably enjoy this movie even if the story was awful.

Happily, the story is not even remotely awful - it's an amazing tale of people coming to terms with and striking back against a destructive system. From Imperator Furiosa reclaiming herself and atoning for past deeds, to the enslaved women Furiosa frees who insist on limiting violence despite their anger and fear.  From the adorable War Boy, Nux, who worships his leader as a physical god until shown a sliver of kindness, to the titular Max, struggling to escape with his life, yet helping others along the way.

I suggest watching Mad Max Fury Road, then watching again, and watching a few more times to see what tiny slivers of detail that you glean along the way, adding to a full, rich experience that's only more enjoyable as you continue.

Reviewed by Library Staff