Lullaby by Amanda Hocking

Feb 1, 2013

Book two in the Watersong trilogy, Lullaby, picks right up where Wake left off.  Harper is desperate to find her sixteen-year-old sister Gemma who has run off with Penn, Thea, and Lexi after a horrific fight where Penn turns into a monster and the girls all swam away with mermaid tails.  Harper is convinced that Gemma didn’t want to go with them but left to keep them safe and has somehow become a mermaid.  While Harper, Alex, and Daniel research mermaids, Gemma is busy trying to get used to being a siren and all that entails (pun intended).  Gemma learns that the other sirens need her as there has to be four sirens at all times or they will die and she is distressed to find that a siren gets her nourishment from eating the hearts of human males.  So, while Gemma is trying to figure a way out of being a siren, or at least learn to live with it, back home Harper is working on figuring out how to find Gemma and return her home.

When the story of a murder similar to those that happened in Capri make the newspaper, Harper, Alex, and Daniel head out sure that  they will find the sirens near the scene of the murder.  Upon finding Gemma in the town near the murder scene Gemma sneaks away from the other sirens and returns to Capri regardless of the danger to her or her family hoping to find a way to separate from the sirens without dying before they come after her.

Will Gemma and Harper be able to find a way to break the siren’s curse or will Gemma die rather than lead an immortal life of selfishness and murder?  Will she be able to keep her family and friends safe from the sirens?  To find out, don’t miss book two in Amanda Hocking’s  Watersong trilogy, Lullaby, and the soon to be released conclusion, Tidal, coming spring 2013.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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