A Love Like Ours

Becky Wade
Jan 13, 2016

Former Marine Jake Porter has PTSD symptoms, and the scar on his face is a constant reminder of his time at war. And one big reason he avoids any type of relationship. But along comes his childhood best friend, Lyndie James, with a heart as big as the sky. She is fiercely determined, and her experience with horses gives her an edge, but she has a tender heart.

Despite being leery about hiring Lyndie on at his horse ranch in Holley, Texas, Jake does. He pairs her with Silverleaf, a horse that has great potential but is lacking in motivation. Lyndie is eager to take the job head-on and solve the mystery of this special horse who just won’t run for Jake. Lyndie begins her work and wins Silverleaf’s trust. He runs like the wind, the miracle she was looking for.

Their childhood bonds remain strong, and Lyndie’s optimistic personality starts to warm Jake’s heart. As the walls he has so carefully constructed begin to crumble, Jake fears he will be unable to love Lyndie as she deserves. Is his heart too broken to be repaired? Will there be a miraculous turn-around in store for Jake like there was for Silverleaf?

A Love Like Ours is a fictional, faith-based romance and best enjoyed with a mug of hot chocolate by the fireside. It’s heartwarming with a touch of faith. 


Reviewed by Library Staff