Love Love

Sung J. Woo
Nov 7, 2015

In the beginning, I loved Love Love. The ordinary, every day struggles of Judy Lee and her bother Kevin resonated strongly with me. Both divorced and drifting through their lives, they are separately blindsided with challenges that would set anyone on a downward spiral. Judy, having walked out of her temp job has unknowingly lost her insurance. When she's bitten by a rattlesnake, the hospital bills mount and Judy is burdened with crushing debt . . . and she's still unemployed. Kevin learns he is adopted when he tries to donate a kidney to his ailing father, leaving him to question everything he's ever known.

This is where Sung Woo loses me as a reader. From this point forward, through the most bizarre and unrealistic coincidences, Judy finds her debts paid in full, her art career revived, and discovers the love she didn't know she was looking for. Kevin meets his biological father, almost by accident, receives closure to his failed marriage, and makes a beneficial career change. All is right with the world in pretty short order.

While I kept reading until the end, I really didn't want to. The coincidences are ridiculous and felt contrived for shock value. While I didn't care for the direction Woo took the story, I very much enjoyed his writing, and therefore suggest Love Love to readers who appreciate a story well-told. In fact, I think the writing is what kept me reading long after I'd lost interested in the story itself.


Written by Helen H.

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