A Long Way Home

Saroo Brierley
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Sep 18, 2014

It's 1986 and five year old Saroo has made a last minute decision to accompany his older brother on a short train trip to a nearby town in rural India. Instructed to wait on the platform by his older brother, young Saroo is scared and confused when his older brother fails to return in the specified time. Not sure what to do next, he hops onto a waiting train, taking him far away from his family.

Saroo lives on the streets of Calcutta, just trying to survive, for several weeks before being rescued by a caring woman who runs a nearby orphanage. Although attempts are made to locate Saroo's family, the task is impossible because young Saroo has so little information. Within weeks Saroo is adopted by an Australian couple and is soon on his way to a new life in Hobart.

Although Saroo's life in Australia is a wonderful and fulfilling one, he cannot forget the family he left behind. He only remembers a little about the name of his own small village and the nearby town where he boarded the train. But after discovering Google Earth, he realizes that he may be able to find his family after all. After a very long and exhausting search, and against ridiculous odds, Saroo finally finds his childhood home. What follows is a reunion that will warm many hearts. 

Saroo's story is a remarkable one-it is amazing how one little boy is able to overcome so much. His love for both his adoptive and birth families shines through, and makes you want to know them all personally. So many loving people are put in this boy's path. This is such a heart-warming and courageous story. 

Reviewed by Colleen O.
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