Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls

T Kira Madden
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Jun 26, 2019

T Kira Madden's debut memoir in essays is brutal in the best way: gorgeously written, relentlessly honest, and impossible to put down. If you're into stories about daughters who love and struggle with imperfect parents, read this. If you relate to families filled with dysfunction, read this. If you love someone who is queer, read this. If you have a soft spot for essays that make you cry at work, read this. Seriously--I could find a reason for everyone to read this book. Been touched somehow by adoption? By trauma? By being a lost teenager? By having to leave home to find it again? This book dives into all of this and more but is still easy to follow, focused, and crafted with the lyricism of a poet and the razor-sharp analysis of an essayist.

Reviewed by Lisa A.
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