Live At Leeds (Music CD)

The Who
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Jul 14, 2016

Five stars? Excellent? Necessary? This album is far beyond all those things and more:

It is the frenetic yawp of youth. It is unfettered joy, it is class rage, it is delinquent delicacy.

It is misspent summer nights, windows rolled down, distant threat of responsibility kept in check.

It is broken bottles and stolen cigarettes.

It is sweat-soaked sacrosanct abandon, the saliva-drenched howling of the disavowed.

It is the disjunct, shattering simultaneity of high-art mind and low-brow boogie woogie.

It is the unity of its membership, bound by furious rhythm and atomic volume.

It is lean, refined spontaneity, frenzied improvisation balanced by angular precision.

It is fist fights amongst brothers, gently strummed chords punctuated by socket-shredding arm-whirls.

It is being forgiven and forgiving, ecstatic immediacy, and the purposeful, total commitment to Right Now.

It is a harmonious, indefatigable ideal, heralded by white-hot transistor tubes, splintered drum sticks, tectonic-shifting speakers, and a shredded, raw-larynxed sneer.

Reviewed by Scott S.
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