Sep 30, 2010

livabilityLivability is a collection of nine short stories written by Jonathan Raymond. These stories all take place in Oregon. Many of the stories involve drifters, failed relationships, and missed opportunities in life. They are both touching and sad. Two of the stories Old Joy and Train Choir were adapted into indie films. Suckling Pig tells the story of a wealthy asian homeowner who invites two hispanic day laborers to an elaborate multicourse dinner. Diego and Javier were recruited from a downtown street corner to perform yard work. Tom Chen has prepared a gourmet dinner for his friends' weekly get together, only to discover no one will be able to attend. Instead of letting the food go to waste, Tom invites Diego and Javier to dinner. Train Choir recounts the story of a down and out woman and her dog. Verna's only possessions are her car and Lucy her dog. Verna is almost out of money and driving to Alaska to seek employment in a cannery. Her car breaks down in Oregon and her dog disappears. Many of the stories have characters which engage the reader.

Written by John M.