The Life List

Lori Nelson Spielman
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Aug 22, 2014

Brett Bohlinger is devastated. Not only has her beloved mother passed away, but she is shocked to learn she won't become president of the family's cosmetics firm. To make matters worse, her sister-in-law is appointed president in the will, and Brett is fired from the company. While Brett's two brothers receive millions from their mother, Brett cannot receive an inheritance until she completes a 'life list' she composed when she was 14... and she needs to complete all items in only a year! She doesn't see any way she can finish the list since it includes items like buy a horse, have a baby, find the love of her life, and help those less fortunate... great ideas for a 14 year old, but not so practical some 20 years later. But in her mother's infinite wisdom, the list ends up making Brett a better person... and to learn more about her mother and herself.

The story makes you think about what's important in life, but you sure do feel Brett's pain when she watches her brothers live in luxury as she struggles in her small apartment she is forced to buy in a neighborhood she never dreamed she'd be living. The author does a great job with Brett's character, as you see how she is portrayed by others around her, which is not good. But you start to love her and root for her as you see her selfish ways disappear as she slowly completes her list. Some of the story happens too conveniently, like how Brett ends up completing the task of having a baby. But despite that, this was a quick and enjoyable read. 

Reviewed by Colleen O.
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