Let's All Keep Chickens: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Natural Practices for Healthier Birds and a Happier World

Woman in dress and yellow sweater holding a chicken in a fancy coop full of a variety of chickens

Let's All Keep Chickens Book Jacket

Dalia Monterroso
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Sep 8, 2023

I believe that keeping backyard chickens could have an extremely positive impact on diverting compostable waste from landfills, directly impacting food insecurity, while building community and boosting personal joy. When I stumbled upon Let’s All Keep Chickens! I checked it out because the title speaks to me. I read it because Dalia Monterroso speaks my language. She says, “If we can learn to raise chickens in a sustainable and inclusive way, we can actually change the world.” I believe this.

I love that she focuses on keeping chickens in the best way for their health, while also recognizing that there are a million different ways to keep birds happy and humanely. You’ll see no judgment on those employing different methods, because “to keep chickens is to participate in something that is part of our collective history.” If you look back far enough we all come from people who kept chickens. 

In 184 beautifully illustrated pages, Monterroso explains everything you need to get started keeping chickens. Already have chickens? Try skimming for new ideas! In chapters ranging from a bit of the history of chicken keeping, housing and predators, nutrition, and disease, you’ll find enough to keep your family, friends, and neighbors in eggs through the seasons.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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