Lessons From Tara

David Rosenfelt
Dec 6, 2015

If you have a love for animals, this book will come as a treat. David Rosenfelt and his wife, Debbie, share a passion for rescuing dogs from animal shelters. Tara was Debbie’s dog when the couple met, and the one that inspired David’s love for dogs. Over the years, the couple has rescued and adopted out over 4,000 dogs. At any time, they keep between 30-40 dogs in their own home in a rural area in Maine. Of course, keeping this many dogs in a house results in many hilarious stories of the dogs’ quirks and tales of keeping the (mostly senior) dogs healthy. But there are just as many stories that are hard to hear, resulting from over twenty years of the couple dealing with overcrowded animal shelters. I alternated between laughing and crying while reading this, but ultimately came away inspired by this couple who have done so much for the animals who otherwise would not have been given a chance. If you like this book, the author also has a book Dogtripping, and the Andy Carpenter mystery series about an attorney and Tara, his golden retriever.  

Written by Colleen O.

I used to Irish dance as a kid.