Last Sacrifice by: Richelle Mead

Apr 9, 2011

Fans of author Richelle Mead’s young adult series, Vampire Academy, will be pleased with this sixth and final book.  In Last Sacrifice, once again dhampir Rose Hathaway has landed herself in a mess.  Well, actually someone placed her in the mess – she’s been framed for the murder of Tatiana, the Queen of the Moroi, the race of vampires she has sworn to protect.  As guardian to her best friend, Lissa Dragomir, Rose knows the Moroi always come first and being accused of murdering the queen is a capital offense.  Luckily for Rose, her friends once again rally together to find Queen Tatiana’s real murderer.  In the process readers have many questions from throughout the series answered.  Is Lissa the last Dragomir, and if so, will she ever be able to rule?  Will Rose get to remain Lissa’s guardian?  Who will Rose choose to be with, her current Moroi boyfriend, Adrian or her former lover and guardian mentor, Dimitri?  And who really killed Queen Tatiana and why blame Rose?  Richelle Mead does an excellent job of keeping the suspense going right up till the end of the story.  For fans of Vampire Academy this is a must read!

Written by Library Staff