Last to Die by Tess Gerritsen

Oct 28, 2012

For those familiar with Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles, the story opens with Maura preparing for a two-week vacation in rural Maine at Evensong, the school that Julian “Rat” Perkins has been attending since he and Maura survived a harrowing ordeal in Ice Cold.  Julian, now 16, loves the unique and isolated school where all of the students have survived some tragedy and where science and investigation are emphasized in the curriculum.  Meanwhile, Jane is investigating the murder of Teddy Clock’s foster family of which Teddy is the only survivor.  Strangely enough, Teddy was the only survivor when his parents and sister were murdered a year ago.  When Teddy, placed with a temporary foster family, is again threatened, Jane decides that the isolated Evensong is the only place safe enough for Teddy until they can figure out who murdered his family and foster family and what the murderers want with Teddy.

When Jane drops Teddy off at Evensong with Maura and the staff, she discovers that Teddy isn’t the only child at the school to have lost not only his parents but also foster parents to murder in the last year.  Jane and Maura wonder if there is a connection somewhere between the students which has been missed.  With several stories intertwined and intersecting, Last to Die is typical fast-paced Gerritsen drama and intrigue.  If this is your first experience you won’t be hampered by not being aware of the backstory that comes up occasionally.  If you have enjoyed other Rizzoli & Isles novels, you will enjoy Last to Die.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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