L'Amour Fou (DVD)

Feb 21, 2012

This movie is a documentary and a biography of Yves Saint Laurent, one of the most influential fashion designers. L'Amour Fou was made shortly after YSL’s death in 2008, for the occasion of Christie’s long awaited auction of YSL’s spectacular estates and his priceless art collection.  It is set up as an interview with his long-time life and business partner Pierre Berge, as he discusses their turbulent four decades together. It starts with YSL’s retirement speech in 2002, followed by recapitulation of his interesting life story, early beginnings with Christian Dior and his later great public successes; a life of extravagance and private struggles.  It shows his most famous runway shows and fashion designs that changed the way females dress today.  The documentary also displays the lavish interiors of his residences in Morocco and Paris.  The movie ends with Berge’s last good bye at YSL’s state funeral. The movie contains images of the icons of the 70s and 80s. Recommended for anyone interested in everything French, fashion and design, as well as the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The movie is in French with English subtitles and runs 103 minutes. This movie won multiple international movie awards.

Reviewed by Library Staff