La Moustache (DVD)

Emmanuel Carrere
Nov 15, 2011

It all started so innocently with a morning shave of a trademark moustache – but, nobody noticed. Nobody.  Neither the wife, nor the boss. All tried to convince him that he never even had a moustache ever before.  All feels like a twilight zone: Is he losing his mind or is it an elaborate group conspiracy against him?  The premise of this movie is rather original and intriguing and one expects this movie to be a comedy, but it turns dark a few fast frames later.  The viewer is kept guessing as the plot is continuously shifting further away from domestic solitude nearing a psychiatric asylum. The movie is beautifully shot with all we expect from fine art French cinema. The psychological suspense factor of this movie resembles a Hitchcock thriller or a Kafkaesque story.

Written by Library Staff