Knit Yourself Calm: a Creative Path to Managing Stress

Lynne Rowe
Aug 24, 2018

Knit Yourself Calm is perfect for beginning knitters. It has clear instructions with a concise list of all the materials you need.

Betsan Corkhill, a healthcare professional that has been working with people and helping them relieve stress through knitting and crocheting since 2005, writes the forward. 

The first pattern, introduced by knitter Lynne Rowe who is also interested in the therapy of knitting and crocheting, is simple and useful as a washcloth. Like several of the projects, this one is quick and easy, making it portable enough to take with you when you have to go wait somewhere. These easy projects promise the gratification of finishing a project quickly.

I am making the basket weave design washcloth for a gift out of 100 percent cotton yarn. Great for washing.

The other patterns include everything from family hats, socks, fingerless gloves and many more. It also includes excellent pages of how to do everything you need to know to create a finished project.

The repetitive stitching is not only you being creative, but also a sort of meditation that comes from doing the stitches repeatedly. I like this book of patterns so much I may buy it to add to my knitting library.

Written by Melody M.K.

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