The King of King’s County by Whitney Terrell

Dec 7, 2009

Starting at a young age, Jack Acheson observes first-hand the development of Kings County, a fictionalized Johnson County, KS. Jack’s father, Alton Acheson, capitalized on the plans to build I-35 by buying property along the future highway, mostly through manipulation and by unscrupulous means. His father’s involvement with the principle players in Kansas City’s history positions Jack firmly in a circle of friends with influential parents. Alton is not above using unfortunate events to his advantage and is a driving force in the instigation of white-flight that turned Troost Avenue into a very distinct color line motivating whites to move to the suburbs. As Jack matures he begins to understand, not only his personal family history, but the mostly unsavory role his family has played in Kansas City history.

Jack’s coming-of-age is compellingly juxtaposed with the story of Kansas City, making The King of King’s County an engaging tale.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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