John Jackson Miller
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Mar 9, 2018

Set shortly after the events detailed in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithKenobi tells a story of Obi-Wan Kenobi adjusting to his new life on the desert planet of Tatooine. Charged with not only concealing his Jedi past from those who might seek to cause him harm, Obi-Wan also faces the teeny-tiny task of somehow managing--from afar--to protect the life of the youth who just might be the savior of the galaxy! Although his presence on the desert world is rooted in secrecy and anonymity, those familiar with everyone's favorite scruffy-looking Jedi know that trouble doesn't take long to find him!

When local settlers are found to be increasingly at odds with the native Tusken Raiders ("Sand People"), Obi-Wan is forced to weigh the importance of his mission against his overwhelming need to help those who need saving. As if matters weren't complicated enough, our hero must tackle these obstacles all the while battling his personal doubts and inner demons due to the last friends he tried--and failed--to save.

Though not an official part of the Star Wars canon, Kenobi seems to have a solid place in SW lore, based on its events being referenced in a chapter of the 2017 anthology, From a Certain Point of ViewWhile the entirety of that story collection is not certified as canonical, I believe that connection lends greater credence to this story being closer to canon than mere myth. Simply put: It's quite easy to imagine Kenobi to be a believable account of Obi-Wan's early days in exile, & a glimpse into some of his adventures, as well as the Jedi's frayed psyche. Indeed, there are quiet moments when Obi-Wan is not only forced to ruminate on the actions of the Jedi which led to this point, but also deal with the fact he apparently has all the time in the galaxy to do so. Miller's masterful depiction of introspection and conflict in those scenes alone make Kenobi a worthwhile and enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Dylan R
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