Jodorowsky's Dune

Frank Pavich
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Feb 2, 2015

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a Chilean filmmaker known to take viewers on surrealist travels exploring the bizarre and bordering on the absurd (but never the senseless!).  A master of late night cult classic art films, here he is at 84, energetic, articulate, full of passion and wonderment for life and for art.

During the mid-seventies he was selected to create a movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. After  assembling a team of “warriors”: Dan O’Bannon on special effects, HR Giger for set design , and Jean “Moebius” Giraud as illustrator – all of whom are men of great talent and vision – the project died. All that was left was a large book, the storyboard of the film essentially, that sat among receptive readers within the industry. The “warriors” were hired by others. Their careers grew, and their efforts live today by having moved through the channels of influence.

A lesser man would be bitter, perhaps, or at the very least nostalgic, but in this making-of film documentary, Jodorowsky delivers his story beaming as if he were the sun itself. Viewers interested in the upside to failure will enjoy this film.

Reviewed by Michelle H.
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