Jeeves and Mating Season by P. G. Wodehouse

Jul 23, 2010

Jeeves and the Mating SeasonJeeves and the Mating Season by P. G. Wodehouse
This title is one of many of Wodehouse’s Ask Jeeves titles. It has all the same elements of the other Jeeves titles with mayhem and mix up in the social lives of English gentlemen who have nothing better to do with their time than appease aunts, act in local drama productions, chase after their "one true love," steel pictures, and hide behind couches. This particular title has Bertie and his friends “trading places” in order to protect one of them from the wrath of the aunts. A fun, easy summer read that won’t disappoint the Jeeves lovers!

Written by Jennifer W.M.

I am a picky eater.


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