Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong

Mar 15, 2011

Enamored as I was with Armstrong’s Bitten, I was excited to try her other titles. What a disappointment. Where Bitten piqued my interest in paranormal fiction, Industrial Magic left me bored and disenchanted.

 Bitten appealed to me because, while I don’t actually believe in werewolves, Armstrong painted a picture in which I could envision one trying to exist in a modern American city. It reads more like women’s fiction than supernatural fiction, as Elena copes with love, relationships, and secrets. Industrial Magic, on the other hand, felt like Armstrong was trying to stuff every type of super natural into the story for reasons I can’t imagine.

Paige Winterbourn, having left the American Coven of Witches is trying to start her own coven. She’s having a hard time convincing other witches to join her and her troubles are exacerbated by her boyfriend, Lucas Cortez, who is the son of the Cortez Cabal’s leader. All employees of the Cabal are super naturals and when someone starts murdering their children, Lucas and Paige are called to assist. Even though Lucas is estranged from his father and his involvement with a witch is a continual bone of contention, they agree to pursue the murderer.

 For readers who enjoy paranormal stories grounded in reality, try Bitten. For those willing to totally suspend belief and can follow multiple characters Industrial Magic will entertain.

Written by Helen H.

I adore furry faces.