I'm Just a Person

Tig Notaro
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Aug 10, 2016

I must have been hiding under a rock, because I had not heard of Tig Notaro before she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her newly released book. I'm Just a Person mostly revolves around what happened to her in the year 2012, but what I should actually say is what DIDN'T happen to her that year. Just in that year, she was diagnosed with an aggressive bacterial infection called c.Diff, from which she almost died. Immediately after this her mom died suddenly, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her relationship with her girlfriend dissolved. But through all of these surprising adversities, she also sees her career take off after she does a comedy set about her cancer at the Largo in LA. 

Her story is not only about these horrible things she has faced. Her childhood is interesting, to say the least. She had much material to start her stand-up comedy career just from talking about her family! 

Plan to see much more of Tig Notaro, starting with her first HBO stand-up comedy special titled Boyish Girl Interrupted later in August.  

Reviewed by Colleen O.
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