If I Run

Terri Blackstock
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Feb 10, 2016

Casey Cox was twelve years old when she came home from school and found her father hanging in the garage. While the police investigators officially ruled her father’s death a suicide, Casey never believed that her father would kill himself, knowing she would be the one to find him.  Now, ten years later, Casey walks in to find her best friend murdered just inside his front door. Brent, a journalist, had been investigating her father’s death and the circumstances surrounding it in an effort to help her find peace and move on with her life.

Feeling that she won’t get a fair shake from local law enforcement, Casey doesn’t stick around to try to explain why her DNA is all over the crime scene. Believing that the truth doesn't matter, she just packs a small bag, leaves a check for her landlord, hides her car in a parking garage, and takes the first bus out of town.

Dylan Roberts was Brent’s best friend and has just recently returned to town following several tours to the Middle East. Brent’s parents ask him to assist the police in investigating Brent’s murder. What Dylan finds is confusing and means Casey is either a cold blooded killer or an angel. As he investigates and looks into her past, Dylan struggles to determine what is the truth and what is carefully crafted fiction.

If I Run is the first volume in a new series by Terri Blackstock. Fans of Irene Hannon and Candace Calvert will enjoy the latest offering from Blackstock.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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