Before I Go to Sleep

Watson, S.J.
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Mar 13, 2015

This thriller slowly unravels to reveal the fragile and desperate mind of a woman with amnesia. Christine's amnesia is so severe that she can't retain memories for more than a day. She wakes up each morning with no idea of who and where she is. She is surrounded by her husband Ben, a doctor, and a friend. She starts keeping a journal on what she learns about herself each day. As Christine begins to rereads previous entries, she finds inconsistencies in what Ben is telling her about her accident, their son, and how all of their family photos disappeared. While Christine is trying to piece together the few clues she has, she can't figure out who to trust. Just bear with some of the repetitive scenes or even skim quickly through them. If you stick with it the ending will be unnerving, shocking, and satisfying!

Reviewed by Catherine G.
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