The Hypnotist by Lars Keplar

Dec 27, 2011

Dr. Erik Maria Bark has sworn never to hypnotize a patient again.  Then Detective Joona phones about a triple homicide in which a single survivor may be able to identify the killer and save another possible target.  Joona and the boy’s doctor believe that hypnotism may be the only way to get at the truth.   This is just the beginning of a roller coaster ride through murder, kidnapping, abuse and mental illness.  The short-chapter style lends itself to the story’s fast-paced narrative in which even the Swedish landscape plays a part in the plot.  Back stories are not told just for information, but actually become intricate pieces in the puzzle of this riveting mystery.  Mystery lovers who enjoy a well-woven tale with lots of twists and turns will enjoy this page turner.

Reviewed by Library Staff