How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip

Hitha Palepu
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Sep 17, 2017

I’ve probably packed for hundreds of trips - long and short, near and far - and I feel like I’ve done a pretty decent job, but after reading this short book by girl on the go, Hitha Palepu, I’ve learned or been reminded of a few tips that I hope will make packing and traveling on my next trip a bit easier and slightly more organized, like:

  • If you travel a lot and don’t like waiting in line, for a small fee you can join TSA precheck and Global Entry and beat the crowds.
  • Don’t use the water in the plane bathroom to brush your teeth, as the containers that hold the water aren’t cleaned frequently and carry a lot of bacteria.
  • Pre-packing or planning ahead, as with most things, helps assure the best outcome.

The author has traveled over 500,000 miles for work and pleasure and shares her thoughts on the need (or not) for various packing accessories like shoe bags, packing cubes and travel steamer; the benefits of rolled vs. folded clothing; and what to take and how to pack your inflight bag.

After reading this book, maybe next time you won’t get to your destination and have to search for a place to buy a forgotten phone charger, or have to spend precious vacation time ironing wrinkled clothing. You can find more of her recommendations and travel tips on her blog.

Reviewed by Sarah As
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