Hors d’œuvres: short film delights from Canada

May 7, 2010

nfb.JPGIf you are a film buff, then you already know that the National Film Board of Canada is serious about producing quality culture. Thanks to the internet, you can now see some of their selections from the comfort of your own couch!

Their current feature is a collection of bite-sized, lovely little hors d'œuvres. It's a short film competition held in association with the Cannes Short Film Corner and hosted by partner YouTube. A shortlist of ten films picked by expert Danny Lennon are free for you to sample online, where you can vote simply by clicking the "like" button on their YouTube page.

While these aren't the sorts of movies you'd be able to go see at the local multiplex, they are certainly artistic and compelling in their own right. Check out previews of the films at the NFB.ca website and vote up your favorites... because sometimes the best movies are short, sweet, and free!

Written by Erin H.


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