The Help [unabridged book on CD] by Kathryn Stockett

Mar 17, 2010

The Help [unabridged book on CD] by Kathryn StockettI have read the book (previously reviewed/blogged 1/26/10) and listened to the cd audio version of The Help and recommend both versions. The audio version gives the reader an enhanced reading/ listening experience. “In pitch-perfect voices” the story is told by four well cast actors rather than the usual one actor per cd audio book. Each chapter is told in the voice of Miss Skeeter, Minnie, or Abilene. Abilene is the sweet natured diplomat, while Minnie is the outspoken comedian of the three. Through these voices the listener is reminded of a time when African American maids were the primary caregivers for white babies, but could not use the same bathroom as the white members of the family. Or hand a cup of coffee directly to their white mistress for fear their hands would touch. Or that a young black male could be beaten and blinded for using the wrong bathroom. Or when whites and blacks used separate libraries.I found myself having a "driveway moment” a phrase coined by the local NPR station, as I listened to the audio version. Despite knowing the ending, I would sit in my car listening, particularly towards the end. This might be a good selection for the family road trip this summer. Not much swearing, violence, or sex— but still very entertaining and enlightening. Additionally, we are reminded of some very important historical moments of the 1960's. This recorded book was a winner of the Audiofile Earphones Award.

Reviewed by Library Staff