A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Dave Eggers
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Aug 3, 2015

I'll cut to the chase: Listen to this book. Narrator Dion Graham turns an already great memoir by Dave Eggers into an absolutely entertaining bundle of ah-mazing. The words burst with personality and energy thanks to his narration, perfectly capturing the author's tone. (No surprise, turns out there are multiple Eggers-Graham audiobooks out there.) You'll forget you're basically listening to a giant monologue. 

So what's it about? In A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Eggers shares a heartfelt account of his life after suddenly becoming the guardian of his young brother when both parents pass away from cancer. His stream-of-consciousness writing style perfectly captures the constant inner battles we all have within ourselves, and he adds a good punch of humor to boot. It's also a fun dose of life as a 1990s 20-something, for all you Gen Xers out there.

While I can't say many of my own experiences overlap Eggers' — losing both parents, covering rent with a little brother's Social Security check, auditioning for The Real World, starting up a rogue magazine, etc. — I still found his story very relatable and entertaining. So go listen, even just for a bit. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Hope H.
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