Hard As It Gets

Laura Kaye
Apr 11, 2014

Becca Merritt needs help.  Her younger brother and only remaining family member is missing, leaving her a cryptic message which leads her to a tattoo shop called Hard Ink and Nick Rixey, former member of her late father’s Special Forces team.  Unknown to Becca, Nick has hard feelings toward her late father and, based on those feelings, dismisses her request for assistance in finding her brother.  However, realizing that there really is something going on and that Becca is in danger, Nick's Special Forces training and protective instincts kick in and he can’t leave Becca to fend for herself no matter what her father did.  As Becca and Nick join forces to find her brother and uncover the secrets behind his disappearance, they learn a lot about each other.  And as the situation reaches crisis proportions, Nick and Becca have to trust each other and the feelings that are growing between them.  When Nick calls in the remaining members of his Special Forces team and Becca learns the truth of her father’s betrayal which resulted in their current situation, Nick and Becca’s budding relationship is tested. 

The Hard Ink series starts off with tension due both to Becca’s situation and the sexual tension building between Becca and Nick.  Kaye introduces us to a host of characters from Jeremy Rixey, Nick’s brother and owner of Hard Ink, to the rest of Nick’s Special Forces team, all of whom will make excellent leading men for upcoming volumes. The setting of the Hard Ink Tattoo shop adds a unique and different feel as the backdrop of the story. 

Written by Lisa J.

I have been a Kindergarten room mom for over 25 years.