Kat Richardson
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May 27, 2016

Seattle Private Investigator Harper Blaine is just a woman trying to pay her bills. But after a near death experience, her life is changed forever. Since the accident Harper has not been feeling well and sees strange shadows during the day. The doctor is no help and she slowly begins to realize she is seeing into the Grey, a place between the living and the dead. The Grey is full of vampires, ghosts and magic unknown to the everyday human. Harper needs clients and she cannot ignore the "Grey creatures" that seek out her help. Now, she must decide how much help is too much . . . because she puts her life on the line every time she walks into the grey.

Greywalker is the first of nine in the series. The more you read of Harper Blaine the more you realize she is just a typical woman who wants a normal life with her pet ferret and a man to love.

Reviewed by Octavia V.
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