The Greyfriar

Clay Griffith
Sep 28, 2015

Husband and wife co-authors, Clay and Susan Griffith have put a new twist to an old tale in this first book of their Vampire Empire trilogy. 

In 1870, vampire clans rose from underground and the fringes of society to unite and overcome all of North America and Europe, causing the surviving humans to flee south. The Greyfriar begins in the year 2020 when two of the largest human societies are about to be united by marriage, so they can start a war to retake the north. Princess Adele, heir to the Equatorian Empire (think of the old British Colonies), is doing one last diplomatic foray before doing her duty and marrying Senator Clark, American war hero/vampire killer. Unfortunately, Princess Adele’s party is attacked and she is kidnapped by the vampire clan of Britain. She is rescued by The Greyfriar, the notorious stranger who fights vampires from within their own territories. Thus, begins an adventure that will change all the Princess thought she knew. 

If you enjoy fast paced alternate history stories with steampunk undertones and a little romance thrown in then check out the Vampire Empire series soon!

Reviewed by Library Staff