Green Hell

Ken Bruen
Jan 21, 2016

It’s not often that you open a book to find the main character quoting author James Crumley. But Ken Bruen is clearly a student of the genre; references to the history of hard-boiled fiction keep dropping, which is a very nice treat for the reader. 

Jack Taylor, a functioning alcoholic, has been kicked out of “the Guards” (Irish National Police) and now makes his living as a private detective. The story is set in Galway and begins when Boru Kennedy, a young American, comes to Ireland to research his thesis on Beckett. But, with Jack’s help, Boru becomes sidetracked by Taylor’s pursuit of a Galway University professor who’s been committing violent crimes. And getting away with it.

Well-plotted, well-written, even lyrical at times, I enjoyed Green Hell!

Reviewed by Library Staff