The Good Karma Hospital

Amanda Redman
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May 8, 2020

Are you growing frustrated hearing about films and series you simply must watch, only to find they are on yet another streaming platform that will come with yet another monthly fee? Me too. That’s why I finally decided to give Acorn TV: the Best British TV and Film, a try. It’s free with your Johnson County Library card!

In The Good Karma Hospital, young Dr. Ruby Walker, flees a failed relationship at home in London, thinking she is signing on at a swanky hospital in India. When she arrives, the hospital is not quite what she had envisioned. She stays on, learning how to work with limited supplies, crowded conditions, and unwelcoming colleagues who expect her to fail. The Good Karma Hospital is a perfect blend of Hart of Dixie and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and, as a series, will keep you entertained for several evenings. Unless you're binging, of course.

What hidden gems have you found in the library's streaming video platforms?


Reviewed by Helen H.
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